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Our Projects

Our Projects


Our vision: We bring the best value of technology into your house and your business.  
Our mission: One of our codes is to serve our customers at the highest level of quality as we can.  
We are a fast-growing Australian company. We provides a comprehensive range of satellite and aerial services for any requires in regarding to CCTV Surveillance Camera, Auto gates, extension TV or Internet outlets, Digital antenna or satellite installation, home theatre setting such as Projector installation, TV wall hanging or Audio system set up and much more… 


We are experts who are experienced in our services. Our technicians whose experience is qualified in installation service, particularly in satellite installation will bring quality of life and add up value into your TVs. 
We are offering the following services:
  1. Digital antenna 
  2. Satellite:
    • Vietnamese Free-to-air channels:
    • VTVs (VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, VTV4, VTV5, VTV6, VTV7 AND VTV8)
    • Chinese channels (up to 60 channels)
    • Cambodian channels
    • Indonesian channels
    • Italian channel (Rai Italia)
  3. Home theater such as: TV wall hanging, Projectors, Speakers ceiling hanging..
  4. CCTV Camera
  5. Auto gates. 
What makes us DIFFERENT to other?  
We are delivering the best value of customer services in order to delight YOU.  
By connecting to our satellite system, YOU will become a citizen of the globe, not only just where you are living. Your home’s Technician is to help you to get the most benefits with your Audio, video and electronics system in your house or your business.
To do this, we standardize our interactions and our process in innovation as you will always see at our team. 
Telephone line team: we are delivering our smile in every word we say from start to end for a conversation. 
Online team: YOUR HAPPINESS SYMBOL is our outcome at the end of discussion.  
Our teams will support to YOU 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. 
Just call 0432 864 926 or visit our website www.tnhsatellite.com.au for more information 


Call to us and we come to you!!!! 
Relax and enjoy your life by our services. 
Make a right choice right now, you can save:
  • Time  
    • Don’t have to wait for a long time to design and set up your devices without experiences?
    • Downloading movies or TV shows from internet.
  • Money 
    • Don’t be locked in a contract with hidden strings attached and paying monthly?
    • Don’t have to buy DVD movies any more. 
T&H ASSOCIATES warranty every single job we have done for you. 


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Villawood, NSW 2163
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